Simply host your Minecraft server with AdKyNet.

RAM CPU connection storage databases backups price
Try 2GB ½vCore Up to 10Gbits 30GB 1 2 0.00€ /month Order
MC 1 4GB 2vCore Up to 10Gbits 5GB 1 2 2.00€ /month Order
MC 2 6GB 2vCore Up to 10Gbits 10GB 1 2 3.00€ /month Order
MC 3 8GB 4vCore Up to 10Gbits 20GB 1 2 7.00€ /month Order
MC 4 16GB 6vCore Up to 10Gbits 30GB 1 2 12.50€ /month Order
MC 5 32GB 12vCore Up to 10Gbits 60GB 2 2 15€ /month Order

Here are the reasons to convince you


We regularly perform backups to different sites in order to have a maximum of redundancy on our offers.

Servers based in France

We have servers based in France to ensure the best possible latency.


With AdKyNet take advantage of datacenter grade servers to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

VPS SSD and VPS SSD NVMe server at the Vélizy datacenter