Our pterodactyl servers

Discover our pterodactyl servers for your services.

RAM CPU Connection Network Storage Price
SMALL 8GB 2vCore 500Mbits² IPv4/IPv6 50GB NVMe 8.5€ /month Order
MEDIUM 16GB 4vCore 750 mbits² IPv4/IPv6 80GB NVMe 15€ /month Order
BIG 24GB 6vCore 1Gbits² IPv4/IPv6 120GB NVMe 20€ /month Order
MEGA 32GB 8vCore 1Gbits² IPv4/IPv6 150GB NVMe 30€ /month Order
GIGA 64GB 12vCore 2Gbits² IPv4/IPv6 300GB NVMe 40€ /month Order


Your hosting is immediately ready for use*.

Reactive support

The great thing about AdKyNet is that we provide 24/7 support to all our customers. Our teams respond in less than 5 minutes on average.


It is very important for AdKyNet to provide the most accessible and qualitative offers possible.

NVMe storage

We use NVMe to get better reliability and performance for your offering.

Here are the reasons to convince you


We regularly perform backups to different sites in order to have a maximum of redundancy on our offers.

Servers based in France

We have servers based in France to ensure the best possible latency.


With AdKyNet take advantage of datacenter grade servers to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

VPS SSD and VPS SSD NVMe server at the Vélizy datacenter

The adventages with our VPS's


Take advantage of a VPS powered by KVM technology to match your needs.


Thanks to the KVM technology our VPS are perfectly compatible with Docker. You can install Pterodactyl without any problem.


With AdKyNet and its infrastructure you can benefit from a 100% personalized offer adapted to your needs.

VPS SSD server at the Vélizy datacenter

Frequently asked questions

Not quite. You have to configure Wings to be able to create hosts for your game servers. (https://forum.adkynet.com/d/123-comment-utiliser-mon-vps-pterodactyl)

We have installed some eggs for the Discord and FiveM bots.

Our pterodactyl servers are located in the datacenter of Vélizy-Villacoublay.

Your pterodactyl server is operational within 2-5 min

No. For the moment the financial costs do not allow us to sell dedicated hosting.

It is a VPS if you want a dedicated server directly with pterodactyl contact us.

We using E5-2695 v2/E5-2697 v2 processors.

No, you cannot access the backups. However, we plan to prepare an on-demand backup option.

We do backups 3 to 4 times a week offsite and onsite.

* However, there are still wings to configure https://forum.adkynet.com/d/123-comment-utiliser-mon-vps-pterodactyl.
² If we see that your pterodactyl server is consuming too much bandwidth we are free to throttle your server by notifying you by email. We will also contact you to find a solution. Our infrastructure being very small the Networkx costs are quite high.