VPS SSD server at the Vélizy datacenter
VPS SSD and VPS SSD NVMe server at the Vélizy datacenter
Other imgae of VPS SSD and VPS SSD NVMe servers at the Vélizy Datacenter

Our servers will be delighted to welcome you!

Develop your project on the Internet

Take advantage of our infrastructure to host your project on NVMe.

Our company

At AdKyNet the company is managed by competent and customer-oriented people.

Responsive support

With AdKyNet, you get responsive support for all your requests. With a response rate of less than 5 minutes.


It is very important for AdKyNet to propose the most accessible and qualitative offers possible..


With AdKyNet take advantage of a reliable infrastructure and recent servers in order to satisfy any requirement.

VPS SSD and VPS SSD NVMe server at the Vélizy datacenter

Some figures of our infrastructure

It is important for AdKyNet to remain as transparent as possible and therefore show some figures. Here are the statistics of our infrastructure.






IP block

Quality is our priority

For AdKyNet it is important to offer the best possible quality for our customers. We invest a lot in the improvement of our equipment in order to guarantee the best performance to our customers.

Our support is available every day from 9am to 6pm on our site and 24/24 on our discord, we are here to help you in your projects and to develop in the world of computing.

VPS SSD Server
We use HPE serversWe use network equipment from CiscoWe use Dell serversWe use Intel processorsWe use SSDs from Crucial